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Dental laboratory

Dental clinic «VioDent» has its own dental laboratory.

Our laboratory employs specialists with extensive experience. Modern equipment and materials, good working conditions allow us to perform the most difficult work with high quality and on time.

All materials used in the performance of work in our laboratory have passed mandatory Registration in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and are allowed for use in medical practice on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

All equipment undergoes periodic maintenance and verification on time.

The laboratory produces:

  • making crowns
  • production of metal-ceramic crowns (metal-ceramic)
  • production of metal cast crowns
  • production of inlays and onlays
  • removable and fixed prosthetics on implants
  • making dentures
  • production of clasp prostheses
  • production of metal-ceramic prostheses
  • repair of dentures.
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