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15 июня 2020 в 09:42

Many thanks to the children's dentist Nadezhda Sergeevna! For the first time, my daughter entrusted the treatment of her teeth! Thank you for your professionalism, individual approach and kindness! Next time, only to you!

12 февраля 2020 в 09:44

Thank you for the professionalism of the Viodent dentistry team. Special thanks to the attending physician Evgeny Ivanovich Gubsky, for the perfect job.

01 ноября 2019 в 09:43

I would like to thank the surgeon Kulik Vladimir Igorevich for making my dream of a beautiful smile come true. He listened to my wishes very attentively, made an individual treatment plan, was very polite and attentive. Removed unnecessary teeth almost painlessly! He performed the implantation of two jaws very confidently and at a high level.

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